Choose Your Mix

With a wide variety of soft treats, chews, biscuits and dental sticks, your dog will never get bored of Lick N Mix! Pick and choose the treats you require from the selection below. All cups are freshly packed to order.


Why choose Lick N Mix?


The Lick N Mix range consists of soft treats, biscuits, training aids and dental sticks which all have their own purpose in the life of a happy healthy dog. The unique and fun pick n mix concept allows you to choose only the best dog treats most suitable for your dog and their needs.


Treating your dog can be as satisfying for you as it is for them, but a word of warning, be careful what you feed! Scraps and tit-bits can upset your dog’s sensitive digestion and cause weight gain. As with anything, Lick N Mix treats and rewards should be fed in moderation and as part of a healthy diet.


Good oral health is a necessity for any dog and treats such as Lick N Mix’s Crunchy Delights, Fishy Favourites, Poultry Poppers and Dental Whoppers promote the removal of plaque and tartar build up. This can help avoid gum disease when used as part of a daily oral care routine.

The structure of Dental Whoppers helps to clean down to the gum line and the crunchy texture of Crunchy Delights are satisfying for dogs´ chewing behaviour.


Reward based dog training is based on the simple truth that if behaviour is rewarded, it is more likely to be repeated. Lick N Mix’s Training Tasties are an ideal reward when training your dog; they are small in size making them easily transportable, moist and moreish.

Positive reward based training develops trust and loyalty between dogs and people and they really enjoy this kind of training because it taps into their natural love of learning and it stimulates their brains (as well as their tummies), making for happier, well behaved pets and therefore a happier owner!

In between meals is the best time to give your dog treats, especially if you are engaging in a training session with your puppy or dog. Your treat won’t work as well if your dog has just eaten a full meal!


We also have several products suitable for puppies; Cookie Crunch which contains barley and linseed, both excellent ingredients to help with skin and coat health; Puppy Love Hearts, small and delicious beef & game flavoured soft treats; Fishy Favourites, which contain 80% freshly prepared salmon, trout and white fish; and Poultry Poppers, which contain 80% chicken, duck and turkey.