Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire Terrier
Breed Group: Toy
Size:  Small
Exercise Required:  Around 30 minutes per day
Length of Coat:  Long

The Yorkshire Terrier is a tiny breed, weighing only up to 3.5kg and standing between 17 and 25cm high.  Due to this children should be careful as their bones are very delicate, especially when they are puppies.  They are generally a happy, playful and eager to please breed of dog.

Skin complaints are the most common health problem, although when bred to be especially small this can result in medical issues.  Depending on the kind of Yorkie look you want, the grooming requirements vary.  A long, silky, show standard coat requires a lot of grooming and effort, however a shorter and scruffy looking coat is much lower maintenance - although it does require
a frequent brush.

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