Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Breed Group: Terrier
Size:  Medium
Exercise Required:  About 1 hour per day
Length of Coat:  Short

Contrary to popular beleif, the ‘Staffie’ is a lover of people and a pleasure to own, getting on especially well with children.  They are generally a healthy and hardy breed and are happy in nature and easy to train.  They need very little grooming, a simple rub down once a week will suffice.

Giving them plenty of exercise will make them less likely to chew things in your house!  They are muscular, compact dogs with a square head and come in a variety of colours such as, brindle, fawn, black, red, white, blue or any blending of these colours with white.  Staffie’s are typically bold, courageous, loyal and friendly dogs.

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