Spaniel (Cocker)

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Spaniel (Cocker)
Breed Group: Gundog
Size:  Medium
Exercise Required:  1 hour per day
Length of Coat:  Medium

The Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized dog weighing in at around 13 to 14.5kg.  They are compact dogs with smooth, silky coats of varying colours. They have long spaniel-type ears, a well-developed skull and good all round muscle. 

In general they are playful and loyal little characters which make ideal family pets due to their obedient and fun nature.  As they have medium length coats, a daily groom is recommended to check for debris they may pick up on walks.  Ear infections are the most common problem with this breed, although blindness can occur with older dogs.  These dogs are easy to train and strive to please their owners, thriving on human companionship.

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