Spaniel (English Springer)

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Spaniel (English Springer)
Breed Group: Gundog
Size:  Medium
Exercise Required:  2 hours or more per day
Length of Coat:  Medium

The English Springer Spaniel is an energetic breed with a loveable and extrovert nature.  They are generally a healthy dog with little health problems, although as with all Spaniel breeds check their ears regularly for signs of infection.  A good brush at least once a week will keep them in good condition, their coat can either be liver and white, black and white or tri-coloured.

The Springer breeding lines have been split into two strains - working and show dog.  To keep a working dog as a pet would be extremely challenging as they need much more mental and physical stimulation.  A calmer breed line would make an ideal family pet and are excellent with children of all ages.  A Springer needs plently of exercise and would be best suited to an active household.  They are often used in the Police Force as ‘sniffer’ dogs for a variety of tasks, such as
drug and firearm detection.

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