Retriever (Labrador)

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Retriever (Labrador)
Breed Group: Gundog
Size:  Large
Exercise Required:  2 hours or more per day
Length of Coat:  Short

Classed as one of the best all round dogs in the world, the Labrador is not only used for retrieving game but also for assisting the blind and as a ‘sniffer’ dog for drug and arms detection.  They are brilliant with children and have a kind and loving character.  A good groom once or twice a week usually keeps them in tip top condition, the Labrador comes in solid black, yellow or mid brown.

A typical bitch can weigh anything up to 28kg and a male, anything up to 30kg.  They are not generally suceptible to illness, but a full vet check should be carried out before purchasing a puppy. From a year onwards they can be checked for Hip Dysplasia and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. It is important to ensure the Dam and Sire of the litter have all the relevant health tests in place before visiting the breeder. This will, as far as possible, safeguard your new puppies future. Checking for these things will help to avoid problems in later life, although common ailments include ear infections and cancer is sometimes a problem.

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