Retriever (Golden)

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Retriever (Golden)
Breed Group: Gundog
Size:  Large
Exercise Required:  2 hours or more per day
Length of Coat:  Medium

The Golden Retriever is a gentle and intelligent breed which, as it’s name suggests, was initially bred for retrieving game in the shooting field.  Now one of the most popular dogs in the world, these gentle giants make ideal family pets due to their sensitive nature.  They do not have many common ailments, although some may be prone to skin irritations.  When buying a puppy, make
sure its parents have good hip and eye scores as this can avoid problems in later life.

The Retriever has a fairly long coat, which is golden or cream in colour and requires regular grooming in order to avoid matting, especially on the underside of the dog.  Dogs' height at withers is usually between 56-61cm and bitches' between 51-56cm.  The average weight for dogs is normally between 30-34kg and bitches 27-32kg.

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