Bull Terrier

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Bull Terrier
Breed Group: Terrier
Size:  Medium
Exercise Required: 

Around 1 hour per day

Length of Coat:  Short

The Bull Terrier, or English Bull Terrier, is a charismatic, bold and energetic breed with a friendly and loyal personality - although they are prone to bouts of stubborness!  They are distinctive in appearance with their egg-shaped heads, muscular body and triangular eyes.  They carry their tail out horizontally to their body and their ears stand erect.

This breed are good with children and make excellent guard/watch dogs as they become protective and possessive of their family.  Bull Terriers are easy to maintain, requiring a quick brush once a day.  They love to run freely and require a fair amount of exercise, this will also help with their behaviour indoors.

Often misunderstood, this breed are playful, funny and a joy to own, although early socialisation is required to develop an easy-going personality, as some males can exhibit dominant behaviour.

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