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Breed Group: Working
Size:  Large
Exercise Required:  2 hours or more per day
Length of Coat:  Short

The Boxer is a large, energetic and self-assured dog, which needs firm handling and also early socialisation in order to control their over-excitable personalities.   They are active, fun and loyal dogs, making them ideal family pets.  Dogs generally measure between 57-63cm and weigh no more than 32kg, whilst bitches are usually between 53-59cm and weigh up to 27kg.  The Boxer makes an excellent watch dog due to its guarding instincts towards its family.

Bloat and heart disorders are both relatively common ailments in Boxers and their excitable and interested nature makes them slightly accident prone!  They moult very little and a weekly brush should keep their coat in good condition.  An ideal Boxer should have a prominant chest and also powerful hind legs.

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